Damian Wayne Redeemed?


As a comic book fan, I learned to embrace the new characters that the writers would create and introduce into either the Marvel or DC universes.  And I’ve enjoyed many characters from The Teen Titans first series to Superman and X-Men comics of today.

But I cannot for the life of me like the Damian Wayne character. I’ve tried to see the positive changes in him, and see him as an inspiration for kids and see why he’s the (ugh) Danial Bryan of comic sidekicks.  But when  you see images like this:

Well, it’s hard to see past the surface and see supposedly how *wonderful* this kid is.

So after several rantings here, declaring how much I hated Damian Wayne with a passion. my best friend asked me, how long have I tried to stick with him before making up my mind. And I had to admit, “Not long, just shortly after the Son of the Bat story arc.” Then she challenged me, to invest more time and see what it is about him that others like. So against my better judgement, I did.  I ordered other single issues with him in it including the crossover Red Robin/Teen Titans book that he supposedly joined for a short time; I admit there were some books that seemed that DC tried too hard to make him more impressive then other sidekicks which seemed to irritate me; and there was that annoying little-war he tried to declare against all the previous Robins and walk away with some kind of reward from each match.  Sorry but I thought that was very petty.

Until finally A Death In the Family (part 2) came and I was actually starting to see something in Damian.  Then The Heretic was introduced and killed Damian, I have to admit I didn’t feel any kind of remorse when he died.  

When I got the following issues (the Batman & ______) books, I hate to say it but DC’s attempt to give Batman an outlet to grieve was so unnatural, and even I thought the beating of Jason Todd was going over the line especially when Jason was trying to reconnect with him, only to be rewarded with an ass-beating.

There were so many things about Damian’s character that was just so wrong for the role of Robin.  And I can’t appreciate that’s he’s supposedly the better sidekick all because he feels it necessary to call Alfred by his last name, disrespect his other brothers, and of course think he’s better than everyone.  My best friend disagreed saying that for all of Damian’s arrogance, he was changing to be a nice kid.


This is how I see Damian if the ENTIRE BATMAN FAMILY was real flesh and blood: he’s straight out of a Law & Order episode.  He would be a kid who “accidentally killed his adopted brothers and sisters”; while his father remains dead under mysterious circumstances all because he was arrogant and unsympathetic and wanted to keep accumulating power and resources for his “beloved” grandfather and mother; he sits in the witness stand and plays to the jury how he didn’t know that a swing of his sword would kill his brothers and sisters with a tear in his eye. Then during the trial, Damian reveals a sly smile when everyone’s attentions are elsewhere knowing that he’s going to get away with murder.

Damian is violent and self-important, and was trained by the League of Assassins, learning to kill at a young age; picks fights with his predecessor.  

How in the world does people think that this him a hero?

Because he killed at an early age?  


So, now that I gave the little shit a chance to prove me wrong, I’m so very happy that he’s dead and even though if DC is going to revive him and no doubt erase every single stephanie brown, dick grayson, Tim drake, Jason Todd issue to let Damian Wayne be the ONLY  Robin that matters; that doesn’t change the fact that Damian Wayne is nothing but a paper replacement who will never personify what the REAL Robin means to some Robin fans who remember what Robin is truly all about.


 Good and Evil

Two sides to every coin

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This makes much more sense.

This makes much more sense.

(Groan) Because Big Bang Theory is a repeat, I’m spending my time posting some pics: from Alexa Vega, Raquel Gibson, Cathy Frey to Victoria Justice

I miss this series…….

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Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera both played the role of a Pinay Super hero named DARNA.

FINALLY, the REAL Spider-Man is back and none of this SPOCK shit!  What’s next SP-VULTURE? SP-SANDMAN? SP-GREEN GOBLIN????  FUCKING GOD-DAMN WALKING RANDOM CHAOS!!!!




i hope that someone, somewhere, sees this and is actually affected by it enough to make a change. this is terrible.


If you are or someone you know is in a situation where there is physical or emotional abuse here is a list of numbers and directories so you can get some help/advice for the situation. In an emergency call 911 or your country’s emergency service number if you need immediate assistance or have already been hurt.

In the US: Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224

Canada: call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-363-9010

UK: call Women’s Aid at 0808 2000 247

Australia: Call 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732. The website also allows you to chat with a qualified and experienced counsellor

New Zealand: Women’s Refuge - 0800733843

Are You Ok - 0800 456 450 (the website is full of information and support services contacts for families experiencing violence).

Worldwide: Visit International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies for a global lists of helplines, shelters, and crisis centres.

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No respect for women abusers.

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