A Cry for Help

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER WATCH GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY…..any movie with a talking raccoon with a wolverine attitude and a walking tree stump that’s right out of Lord of the Rings is not entertaining, its a person crying out for help when they are high on weed!

Nightwing tattoo; Jeanette Mccurdy; Liz gillies cleavage; Nightwing black and white; selena gomez gif

Sexy Selena Gomez

Sandata is the filipino version of Nightwing with a captain america patriotism undertone only with the colors of the Philippine flag 

cutiest smile in the world….love it

You know, we really don’t see a lot of her in a bikini…..aw well, i’m glad for any she does share with us. Now i she doesn’t get all Miley crazy with the wierd acts on stage and crap; she can really be a real life model  and inspiration to other young girls.

Sigh as lovely as the afternoon sun shining on her