Nightwing tattoo; Jeanette Mccurdy; Liz gillies cleavage; Nightwing black and white; selena gomez gif

Sexy Selena Gomez

Sandata is the filipino version of Nightwing with a captain america patriotism undertone only with the colors of the Philippine flag 

cutiest smile in the world….love it

You know, we really don’t see a lot of her in a bikini…..aw well, i’m glad for any she does share with us. Now i she doesn’t get all Miley crazy with the wierd acts on stage and crap; she can really be a real life model  and inspiration to other young girls.

Sigh as lovely as the afternoon sun shining on her

Can never go wrong with some postings of the lovely Victoria Justice

Weekend Triplet: Nina Dobrev; Chloe Bennet & Victoria Justice